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Consumers Create & Share Captivating Branded Videos

  • Consumers can access from anywhere to create and share — via a button in any 3rd party app or a branded mobile web experience. No app download required.
  • Branded-filters are added in real-time.
  • Easily shared with peers across creators’ own social networks.
  • The creator experience is simple, fun and offers instant gratification which results in extremely high share rates, often close to 100%.

Vivoom’s peer-to-peer distribution model delivers a hyper look-a-like audience, immune from ad blocking.

Videos are always full-screen and full-audio, yet welcome, relevant and trusted by viewers because they are from peers.

Mobile views with Vivoom can increase campaign reach by >20x


Vivoom Videos are Outperforming Today's Mobile Ads 

Vivoom's Platform Puts Brands in Complete Control


Videos can be flagged and pulled down at any time regardless of where they were shared.

Curation & Republishing

Brands have rights to the content which can be seamlessly integrated into their publishing systems via our API, re-shared on social media, or downloaded for external republishing.


Real time reporting on video views, views to completion, shares on social media, age, gender & location, clicks on calls-to-action

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