Leading up to the release of “Dracula Untold,” Universal Pictures (Universal) sought to reach mobile-first consumers and drive opening weekend awareness and ticket purchases. Universal used the Vivoom mobile marketing platform to create an exclusive offer for movie fans to “Become Dracula” and transform their smartphone videos with authentic Dracula Untold sounds, images, and icons, and share the videos with their friends.

By weaving branded assets into user videos and creating an exclusive rich media experience, Universal sought to activate their social channels, engage movie fans to create and share branded content, and drive organic conversation among movie fans and their extended network of friends and followers. 

As you see in the chart below, Twitter and Facebook define a view as video that is on-screen for 3 and 10 seconds respectively – and both employ auto-play.

Contrast that with branded user video that displays up to 21 seconds, and does not employ auto-play.


In the chart below, you can see that 60% of the viewers watched the 21-second Dracula Untold branded video-to-completion; that is 6x the view-to-completion industry average of 10% for mobile videos.