During the peak of their summer season, In The Pink for Lilly Pulitzer sought to tap into the passionate engagement of existing customers by using Branded user content to convert its fans, friends and followers into active and profitable customers.  Over the course of a 25-day campaign, In The Pink used the Vivoom mobile marketing platform to amplify its social reach and motivate new, lapsed, and existing customers to shop in stores and online.

As you see in the chart below, Twitter and Facebook define a view as video that is on-screen for 3 and 10 seconds respectively – and both employ auto-play.

Contrast that with branded user video that displays up to 21 seconds, and does not employ auto-play.

In the chart below, you can see that 65% of the viewers watched the 21-second In the Pink for Lilly Pulitzer branded video to completion. That is more than 6x the view-to-completion industry average of 10% for mobile videos.