Branded user content solves the marketing challenge of maintaining brand control when consumers create content around a brand. The Lilly Pulitzer In The Pink marketing team used the Vivoom Platform’s brand control panel to collect, curate, moderate and republish the co-created videos in real time. It was the best of both world’s for the marketing team: their campaign had the authenticity that today’s consumers respond to – but with 100% brand control. 

Your Brand Control Panel:


Your private real-time live feed of your co-created videos

With full digital rights to repurpose in your marketing

Accessible to only you and your team


Rate and filter content based on star rating, most views, shares/likes or other criteria

Create and save “playlists”


Easily approve or reject content on an individual or aggregate basis

Instantly removes from view rejected content from anywhere it exists (across all digital devices)


Republish curated feed to marketing channels (e.g. website, app, broadcast and jumbotron)

Sync/update curated feed

Use direct export to feature branded user content on your site or mobile app