About Vivoom

Vivoom is the leader in Shared Media, delivering world-class brands the in-product social capabilities consumers crave and the best performing mobile video advertising.

Vivoom's Shared Media platform allows you to bring brand filters to all of your digital channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, messaging apps and chat bots.  Vivoom is behind‑the‑scenes, so your customers never leave your brand’s experience.  With just a few taps, your customers share videos across their social channels with brand filters added automatically.  Friends watch and engage at rates that far outperform any other mobile video – 100% full screen and full audio, 65% view to completion and zero waste from ad-blockers and fraud.  

Why go out and buy yet another audience when your best customers can reach an audience of their peers with the highest quality video views in mobile and at the scale your brand requires? 

Vivoom is the only Shared Media platform that makes it simple to add branded filters anywhere you already reach your audience. The Vivoom platform creates Hollywood-grade brand filters using the brand’s provided assets along with a complete white-labeled experience that you can share with your audience.  Brands can be up and running in a few hours and will have access to our sophisticated platform to manage every aspect of your campaigns.

Vivoom is the only Shared Media platform that meets the requirements of leading brands.

•    Hollywood-grade branded filters

•    Brand-safety – videos can be flagged and removed instantly, regardless of where they were shared

•    Shoppable calls-to-action inserted into consumers’ video that consistently outperform tradition mobile ads by 10X

•    Content rights and republishing tools 

•    Real-time reporting

The world’s top brands are seeing unbeatable results with Shared Media, powered by Vivoom.