Powerful and
Patented Solution

Vivoom is driven by a highly differentiated and proprietary cloud-based delivery platform and the world’s leading visual effects engine.


Co-Creation Technology

Merges your creative assets with user video to create a 21-second mobile video spot with a call-to-action.

Live Marketing

Real-Time Delivery & Control

Cloud platform lets you target by creative, location, demographic or time, and provides brands with full control of content once it's shared.

Mobile Video

Co-Created Video Spots

Transforms user video into full-screen mobile video marketing in your brand voice.

Vivoom gives consumers a way to tell their story in your brand voice through Vivoom’s CoCreation Technology and template. The template includes a :03 video intro, brand audio, motion graphic overlays, visual effects and :05 video outro. The user adds his or her video to complete the co-created story that is up to 21 seconds. 

When viewers watch the shared video, Vivoom presents a custom campaign offer to fit your campaign goals such as download, join, subscribe, create or share.


Video Elements