Why we created Vivoom

Brands are desperate for meaningful ways to connect with consumers on the platform that matters most — mobile.  With 52% of all screen time currently on mobile, it’s critical for brands to reach consumers through this highly personal medium currently dominating consumers’ attention.  Further, mobile is practically the only way to reach the much-coveted Millennial demographic.  Unfortunately, traditional ad models don’t work on mobile.  According to independent research firm Millward Brown, consumers despise interruptive mobile ads eight times more than on television, and the meteoric rise of ad-blocking software is proof that consumers will do whatever it takes to bypass ads on their mobile devices.  According to a report by PageFair and Adobe, ad-blocking cost publishers $21.8 billion in 2015 — and Apple didn’t even enable ad-blocking apps on the iPhone and iPad until September 2015. With ad-blocking now available across most web browsers and smartphones, Fractl and Moz report that 63% of Millennials are using ad-blocking software. This is a full-on crisis for marketers.  

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