Vivoom Q3 Newsletter

Vivoom Q3 Newsletter
Hello All,

As a leader in revolutionizing the way people interact with the products they love, we’re seeing the beginning of a paradigm shift across industries that is incredibly exciting. Brands are realizing that consumer engagement - and sales - soar when branded ecosystems facilitate content creation and sharing. Shared content is the new social currency in today’s connected world and, as more and more people make purchasing decisions based on what they see and share on social media, having a cadre of active, passionate (and well orchestrated) brand loyalists will be instrumental to future success.

To that end, we’re continuing to help brands integrate “in-product consumer sharing” into their products and experiences. Building off our past successes, we’ve forged new partnerships that leverage our industry leading technology to create innovative consumer experiences like never before. From inserting user-generated content into live linear broadcast television to debuting budding rockstars alongside their Grammy Award-winning idols online, we’re helping inspire authentic consumer content creation and sharing for some of the best brands in the world. Check out our partnership highlights below to learn more.

There’s so much happening in the industry that’s inspiring us right now, particularly around how to win over the increasingly elusive Millennial crowd. Take a look through the “What We’re Reading” section to catch up on some of the most compelling trends.

We’re beyond proud of our partnerships and work to date. We hope you’re looking forward to what this next quarter has in store for us - I know we are.

Thank you!


Put Yourself on the Cover of Maroon 5’s upcoming album Red Pill Blues!

Vivoom is excited to continue our partnership with the multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning band Maroon 5 for another first-of-its kind consumer sharing experience! Using Vivoom’s technology, fans can grab their phones to reveal their inner rockstar and put themselves on the cover of the band’s upcoming album Red Pill Blues, as the Honorary 8th band member.
Maroon 5 is well known for thinking outside the box when it comes to fan engagement; beginning with our work around the “Cold” music video in February, we've helped the band drive those engagement efforts forward, designing and building offerings that enhance fans' experience with the band and its music through a combination of video content creation and sharing on social.

Thousands of fans jumped at the opportunity to get into the “Cold” video and fans are proving just as eager to be on the cover! Here are some of our favorite rockers:

Mobile World Congress and
Univision Announcement

On stage at Mobile World Congress Americas, our CEO Katherine announced a new partnership with Univision, the leading media company serving Hispanic America. Vivoom will help Univision implement an industry-first innovation that allows broadcasters to insert viewer-generated content into live linear broadcast programs. Once the capability - called “Real-Time In-Broadcast Social Video” - is live, Univision viewers will have the ability to insert their own videos directly into broadcast programming as it airs, including hit television series, music tentpoles, commercials and much more.

In addition to announcing the Univision-Vivoom partnership, Katherine, and Univision’s Senior Vice President, Digital Ad Sales, Matt Kaplan, spoke onstage about the state of consumer engagement and the important role mobile plays in connecting with consumers. Here are some highlights from the discussion:

“Today the expectation from consumers is that they can be an integral part of your story or your product - whether it’s a broadcast television show, a breadth mint or a Grammy award winning band. The expectation is that the experience is a two-way street. Vivoom’s partnership with Univision enables that two-way street to be built.” - Katherine Hays

“Where we’ve been - and you can call it second-screening 1.0 - is about let me interact and engage with the programming; 2.0 is about ‘how can I be part of it and then share it?’” - Matt Kaplan

You can watch the entire presentation below:

Microsoft Accelerator Round 2

This past Summer, Vivoom graduated from the Microsoft Accelerator Program and entered phase II of the program: Microsoft for Startups - Success Management. Vivoom was one of a few companies asked to join this second program that will leverage Microsoft's world-class sales divisions to help Vivoom expand its offerings and reach clients over a multitude of industries.
There’s Something About Breath Mints and Sharing
Wall Street Journal - September 11, 2017
The importance of “sharing” extends well beyond tweets and likes. For makers of breath-freshening mints and gum, there is no such thing as oversharing. From big candy companies to small artisanal confectioners, the makers of mints are tinkering with product design, packaging, and marketing, all to encourage us to share. All that sharing doesn’t just spark sociability. It means more business for Tic Tac and other mint makers. “If you’ve got people sharing, it adds more occasions,” Mr. Midura said. “Before you know it, you pass around that pack and it’s empty.”

How in-store social sharing can bring a little spark back to retail
Mobile Marketer - October 10, 2017
It almost goes without saying that brands thrive when they can connect online engagement with what happens in-store. Carefully crafted in-store experiences that promote seamless social sharing help brands set themselves apart and tell a layered cross-platform story. The trick is offering customers something that's truly unique. No matter the time of year, being authentic and creating in-store experiences that highlight a brand's mission and culture is key.

We Got The Power: How Millennials Are Driving
Consumer-First Experiences

MediaPost - September 20, 2017
When it comes to B2C businesses, millennials are changing the game. They are less likely to maintain blind brand loyalty and much more open to brand experimentation. As a result, brands have to deliver something beyond a good product at a good price to stand out. They have to advance the life of their consumer. No longer is it enough to tout brand attributes. Connections must be made with the consumer on a more fundamental level. Millennials like to support brands that bolster their own sense of purpose – such as charitable giving (Tom’s Shoes), eco-friendly causes (Patagonia) and social change (Dove).

Marketers' Millennial Dilemma
AdAge - August 21, 2017
While it is perhaps a fool's errand to paint an entire generation with the same brush, just over half of millennials, 51%, have no real preference between private-label and national brands, according to a study by Cadent Consulting Group. Beyond packaged goods, the millennial mindset is affecting other industries as well. Younger drivers, many of whom live in urban areas and often don't use cars, are rejecting big-name auto insurers in favor of more value-driven alternatives. Metromile, for example, is winning millennials with an app that helps drivers troubleshoot issues like a check-engine light and, perhaps more important, the ability to pay by the mile instead of by month.
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