Introducing Maroon 5’s Newest Band Member - YOU!


Well, you and any other fan that puts themselves on the cover!! Maroon 5 - with a little help from us - is giving their fans an opportunity to join them on the cover of their latest album, Red Pill Blues.

Joining in is easy. Just grab your phone to visit, record a video of yourself featuring filters hand-picked by Maroon 5 and publish on your social media or messaging platform of choice. Bonus: creators of the band's favorite fan covers will be given 2 free VIP passes to the Maroon5 concert of their choice!!

This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Maroon 5. To announce their hit single, “Cold,” we powered the experience to put their fans in the song’s official music video. Fans jumped at the opportunity to share the limelight with Maroon 5 and the content with their social networks.

We pride ourselves on working with bands like Maroon 5 and some of the greatest brands in the world to facilitate new and meaningful ways to engage with their audiences. From music videos and album covers to jumbotrons and TV shows - Vivoom wants to get consumers in the action.

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