Vivoom Q2 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Vivoom newsletter, where we will profile some of the ways today's biggest brands are incorporating consumer sharing into their product, discuss important issues facing marketers and product leads, and share our company highlights. In-product consumer sharing will soon be part of every product and consumer experience - with audiences not bought, but instead generated authentically by consumers sharing.  

This quarter Vivoom focused on bringing in-product consumer sharing to two major global brands: new clients Les Mills and Johnson & Johnson. Vivoom also launched its first, of many, partnerships with professional sports with basketball team: the Boston Celtics. 

In-product Consumer Sharing in the News 

Products with in-product consumer sharing is quickly gaining momentum with iconic brands. The following brands are using in-product consumer sharing to heighten their consumer experiences now!


"Greatness is Global"

With the launch of the Les Mills initiative, "Greatness Is," Vivoom has officially gone global. Les Mills' first in-product consumer sharing initiative supports language and localization for every region around the globe, enabling trainers and instructors around the world, to share their own personal stories of greatness with branded filters and embedded viewer Call-To-Actions across all of the instructor's and trainer's own social and messaging platforms. The platform agnostic sharing capabilities are critical to the reach of this world-wide campaign. This is just phase I of a long-term partnership with one of the world's leading fitness brands.

J&J for Global Moms Relay

Johnson & Johnson, along with the United Nations, sponsors the Global Moms Relay event. This year, Vivoom's consumer sharing capabilities were added to the Relay's digital strategy. People could participate by answering the question "What do you wish were true for families everywhere" and sharing their video with a Global Mom's branded filter.  Johnson & Johnson had the ability to moderate all co-branded consumer content, making this campaign 100% brand-safe. For every video created, Johnson & Johnson agreed to donate $1. Celebrity influencers included Laura Dern, Jessica Mendoza, Cara Delevigne and more! 

Boston Celtics NBA Playoffs

Vivoom partnered with the Boston Celtics to capture fan excitement and propel the team through the NBA Playoffs. The Boston Celtics added in-product consumer sharing to their fan experience to make game day more engaging for fans at home and at the game. For the first time ever, fans at home had the chance to get on the jumbotron live during the game. Fans were prompted to create a video, have a custom Celtics filter with shamrock confetti directly added, then share their video across all their own social and messaging channels! The Celtics could then republishing fan videos on the Jumbotron in real-time, live during the playoffs.   

Other industry-leading brands focusing on in-product consumer sharing include...

Finally, a great example of a consumer sharing, without a brand safety net, gone rogue!

Vivoom Co-founder and CEO, Katherine Hays, presented on the need for in-product consumer sharing to 300 product leads and developers as part of the Microsoft Accelerator Demo Day in Seattle, WA. "Products with sharing built into the product experience will gain market share and be future market leaders" said Hays pointing to Warby Parker, Amazon and others as examples. 

"The product experience is broken if it does not include
sharing as an always-on feature."