Katherine is the co-founder and CEO of Vivoom, the Shared Media platform that is revolutionizing mobile marketing.  Vivoom's Shared Media platform allows you to bring branded filters and VR to all of your brand's marketing channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, chat bots, in-store and events.  Vivoom is behind‑the‑scenes, so your customers never leave your brand’s experience.  With just a few taps, your customers share videos across their own preferred social channels with branded filters added automatically.  Friends watch and engage at rates that far outperform any other mobile video – 100% full screen and full audio, 65% view to completion and zero waste from ad-blockers and fraud.  Why go out and buy yet another audience when your best customers can reach an audience of their peers with the highest quality video views in mobile and at the scale your brand requires? 

Prior to Vivoom, Katherine has served as CEO for GenArts, Inc (acquired by Boris FX). Since joining in 2008, she more than doubled the company’s enterprise customer base and transitioned the company to a recurring revenue model.

Katherine was the co-founder and COO/CFO of Massive Incorporated, an in-game advertising network, where she took the company from business plan through two rounds of venture capital funding and eventually sold the company to Microsoft in 2006. Katherine stayed at Microsoft for two years as part of the acquisition and was then recruited by Insight Venture Partners to be CEO of GenArts. During her time at Massive, Katherine was the co-inventor and author of two technical patents relating to Massive’s real-time advertising solution, and, while at Microsoft, she authored an additional patent for composite media delivery. Prior to Massive Incorporated, Katherine was an equity research analyst with Goldman Sachs covering global media companies, including AOL, Time Warner, Disney, News Corp. and Vivendi Universal and worked in investment banking at Salomon Smith Barney. She graduated with honors from Princeton University with a degree in Art and Archaeology, and holds an MBA from The Harvard Business School.

Katherine was named a Woman to Watch by Mass High Tech in 2012 and won “Best Executive” at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business in 2011. She was featured in The New York Times’ weekly “Corner Office” column and in Adam Bryant’s 2014 book “Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation." Harvard Business School published a case on Katherine’s path at Massive Incorporated that has been taught at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, and Princeton in both graduate and undergraduate programs.



Clay is Vivoom’s CTO. He has been leading, architecting and directing the development of hardened, high-transaction, core infrastructure website systems based on open source and APIs for the past 15 years. He is a veteran of large scale production operations supporting the world’s top web properties and top five video sites in the US. 

While at a Unix development shop in 1994, Clay carved out one of the world’s first website hosting businesses. Later he was one of the first technical hires to join start-up CNET as “Webmaster.” After many successful site launches, exponential growth traffic, an IPO, patent filings, and countless new responsibilities, technical products and services (including the creation of Solr which disrupted a whole software industry), Clay worked on the technical integration teams behind the CNET / CBS acquisition. He was responsible for all of CBS/CNET's online video transcoding.


Tim brings 20+ years of experience in digital advertising and has been a founding member at DoubleClick (now Google), Mojiva, and Mocean Mobile (acquired by PubMatic). Tim has worked on the cutting edge of media with global brands and brings a philosophy of partnership to his work. His goal at Vivoom is to give brands the tools to participate more fully in the brand filter phenomenon that is currently taking Snapchat by storm.