Participation from
the Cloud

The Vivoom platform employs patented CoCreate Technology™ to automate the entire participation process. 

With Vivoom, you are no longer forced to build every participatory marketing program as a “one-off” from scratch. Vivoom automates the entire process, from creation to reporting, so you can include participatory marketing in every campaign.

Easy for Users
to Participate in
Your Campaigns

Vivoom makes it easy for your target audience to shoot and share using your campaign creative with a campaign link or text featured in your media. No external app download required. Because it is participatory, co-created videos are viewed for longer and drive the highest conversion rates on mobile. Vivoom’s cloud-based platform hosts all the campaign elements and makes it easy to swap out creative and calls-to-action in real-time so it’s fresh and relevant every time.

Powerful and
Patented Solution

Vivoom is driven by a highly differentiated and proprietary cloud-based delivery platform and the world’s leading visual effects engine.


Co-Creation Technology

Merges your creative assets with user video to create a 21-second mobile video spot with a call-to-action.

Live Marketing

Real-Time Delivery & Control

Cloud platform lets you target by creative, location, demographic or time, and provides brands with full control of content once it's shared.

Mobile Video

Co-Created Video Spots

Transforms user video into full-screen mobile video marketing in your brand voice.

Vivoom gives consumers a way to tell their story in your brand voice through Vivoom’s CoCreation Technology and template. The template includes a :03 video intro, brand audio, motion graphic overlays, visual effects and :05 video outro. The user adds his or her video to complete the co-created story that is up to 21 seconds. 

When viewers watch the shared video, Vivoom presents a custom campaign offer to fit your campaign goals such as download, join, subscribe, create or share.


Video Elements

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