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It’s impossible for a brand to catch fire without customers sharing their love and passion for it. At the same time, much of the marketing we see today isn’t genuine. So how do you truly strike that match and build real relationships as a brand?


We’ve got you covered. Authentic Influence is a podcast which explores how the top CMOs, founders, and agency leaders in the world are reinventing the marketing landscape through integrating the authentic voice of the customer.

Authentic Influence is hosted by Adam Conner and brought to you by Vivoom, Inc.


On today's episode of Authentic Influence, Adam Conner is joined by Jill Gregory, the Chief Marketing Officer of NASCAR. NASCAR, or The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is America's foremost auto racing sanctioning body. It is also a sport of which this podcast's host is a lifelong fan. This interview was recorded on Thursday, June 11, the day after NASCAR banned the Confederate flag at its events and properties.


Today, you'll learn:

  • How Jill came to NASCAR; how she got to know the sport

  • How NASCAR provides an unmatched experience to fans through access, both physically and digitally, to the sport and its talent -- even during a pandemic

  • The ways in which NASCAR fans are mobilized, and the ways in which the story is told from their perspectives (including a cool initiative called 100k Cameras)

  • The banning of the Confederate flag; the issues for which NASCAR stands; Jill's hopes for the future of fans' interactions with the sport

  • As always, advice on how to build a more authentic brand


Read NASCAR's full statement on the Confederate flag ban here: https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2020/06/10/nascar-statement-on-confederate-flag/.

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